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North Carolina Marriage Laws and Minors

NORTH CAROLINA MARRIAGE LAWS AND MINORS North Carolina marriage laws place limits on who can marry based on the person’s age and blood relationship to their prospective spouse. A minor between the ages of 16-18 years of age may marry only i…
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Mediation in Separation and Divorce

MEDIATION IN SEPARATION AND DIVORCE Mediation is when a neutral third party helps facilitate an agreement between the parties. The mediator does not make decisions. The parties make the decisions, but the mediator helps them along. You can do pri…
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How Child Support is Determined

If  the parties’ combined income is less than $300,000 per year, child support is determined based on the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines. There are generally four numbers that are needed to calculate child support: 1) Mother’s gross …
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Domestic Violence: How to Get a Civil Restraining Order

Domestic Violence: How to Get a Civil Restraining Order You have to file a Complaint (lawsuit) seeking a Domestic Violence Protective Order (otherwise known as a restraining order or as a “50B”). If it is at night or on a weekend, you do this thr…
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Two Year Waiting Period for Divorce???????

Attorney Courtney Hull – “I wanted to share the following with visitors to The Twiford Law Firm, P.C. website.   This proposed legislation, if approved, would  crerate a major change in the divorce process in North Carolina.” &nb…
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Child Support and Extracurricular Expenses Generally speaking both parents split the cost of the basic childcare needs. Such things as daycare, food, clothing, etc…. The court will apportion each parent’s obligation respective to each parent’s…
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Don't Sign Anything!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t sign anything during a divorce without speaking to your attorney. Ok, I know what you are thinking, “oh sure, more billable hours for my attorney”.  Yes, this will cost you money.  The bigger question is; what is… the cost if you…
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Continuous Alcohol Monitoring Law Changes

A very significant  North Carolina criminal justice-related law (HB494), became effective Saturday December 1, 2012.  This legislation now enables you to include important sentencing alternatives for your DWI and other alcohol-related cases by usin…
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What is a "simple divorce"?

A simple divorce is a situation where the parties have no pending issues other than the desire to end their marriage. For example, there are no kids, there are no pending property issues, and there are no alimony or post separation support issues. As…
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Adoption- Some things you need to know!

Who May Adopt In North Carolina? North Carolina allows many people to adopt children. Adults between the ages of 21 and 65 are eligible to adopt. You may be single or married, but couples must be mar…ried for at least one year. All family membe…
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