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Boy is riding a bike with his grandfather through a public park.

What Are Grandparent Visitation Rights in North Carolina?

When a grandparent and grandchild share a special bond, changes in the child’s family situation (like separation, divorce, and death) can adversely affect the grandparent’s time with the child. In some situations, North Carolina law allows a gran… Read More
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Close up of Social Security Disability Claim Form

Social Security Disability Over Age 50

Workers of any age may apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, which provides benefits to people under age 65 who cannot work because of certain qualifying disabilities.  Many workers are not aware that SSDI regulations include special rules… Read More
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Two wedding bands lying next to a prenuptial agreement

North Carolina Prenuptial Agreements: What Can (and Cannot) Be Covered?

A prenuptial agreement or premarital agreement (sometimes called a “prenup”) is a contract entered into by prospective spouses before marriage that addresses rights and obligations of the spouses after marriage.  In North Carolina, prenuptial ag… Read More
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Marines in Formation

Equitable Distribution of Military Retirement Benefits in a North Carolina Divorce Case

When a married couple divorces in North Carolina, marital property is subject to statutory equitable distribution rules.  When one of the spouses has a military pension, federal law also applies and complicates application of those rules.  If you a… Read More
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Child with Mother

What Happens to a Child Custody Order After a Parent’s Death?

The death of a child’s parent presents complex legal issues in situations involving an existing child custody order or a pending custody case in court.  In North Carolina, laws and court decisions establish specific rules about what happens to a c… Read More
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Wedding Rings on Dollars - Symbol of Postnuptial Agreement

What Is the Difference Between a Postnuptial Agreement and a Separation Agreement in North Carolina?

Most people know that spouses considering divorce often enter into a separation agreement to address property division and support issues. Some married couples are not aware that North Carolina law also permits spouses to draw up a second type of a… Read More
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Divorced Mother Walking with Young Daughter

Co-Parenting and Parallel Parenting After Divorce

Often, the most difficult part of the divorce process involves child custody. In many cases, both parents want to stay involved in their children’s lives. Finding a way to accomplish that can be a challenge. Co-parenting and parallel parenting afte… Read More
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Defense Attorney Researching Domestic Violence Protective Order Case

Defending Against a North Carolina Domestic Violence Protective Order / DVPO

If a North Carolina court issues a Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO) against you, the court order must be taken very seriously. Failing to comply with the order can result in criminal charges being filed against you. The proceedings may also… Read More
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Restraining Order / Domestic Violence Protective Order

Understanding Domestic Violence Protective Orders and Restraining Orders in North Carolina

North Carolina law provides a court process through which victims of domestic violence can secure protective orders to restrain abusers from further acts of domestic violence against the victims and their children. A domestic violence protective ord… Read More
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Adoption Law in North Carolina - Child holds a drawn house with family.

Basics of Adoption Law in North Carolina

Adoption is the legal process of creating the relationship of parent and child between two people. North Carolina, like all other states, has specific laws governing adoptions in the state. Adoption law in North Carolina is complex. Each situation ha… Read More
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