Twiford Law Firm Speakers Bureau

The Twiford Law Firm, P.C. is pleased to share the knowledge, subject matter expertise, and experience of its attorneys and staff with organizations and groups within our community. The attorneys and staff have volunteered their time to speak at group functions on a topic of interest or relevance to your membership. Speakers will typically have 20-30 minutes of prepared materials and are available following the presentation for questions relevant to the topic.

The Twiford Law Firm, P.C. has served Northeastern North Carolina since 1952 and appreciates the opportunity to contribute to the success of the region's social, civic, religious, educational, and recreational organizations.

The Twiford Law Firms Speakers Topics

UH OH –I got a speeding ticket!

  • How to communicate with an officer
  • How do points affect my license
  • How do points affect my insurance
  • Your options as a consumer

Prosecutor and Defense Attorneys- How and why it works

  • 1st Judicial District
  • Role of District Attorney and staff
  • Role of Defense Attorney
  • Role of police officers
  • Crime, Jails, and Your community

I Need a Plan!- Why everyone needs a will and other documents

  • Wills and what they should accomplish
  • What is a Power of Attorney
  • Health Care Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • The State has a plan for you if you don't create one for yourself

New to North Carolina?- Tidbits you may need to know!

  • 60 days to get a license and tags
  • Real Estate Sales tax
  • Personal Property tax
  • Premises Liability
  • Health Care POA for caregivers
  • Collection Laws
  • Attorneys are required to supervise title searches

Marriages/Family and Domestic Law

  • 50% of all marriages end in divorce - what should I do?
  • Pre and Post nuptial agreements are not for only the wealthy
  • Separation/Divorce/Equitable Distribution/Alimony
  • Child Custody and Support

Donald Trump Needs a Partner-Buying and Selling Real Estate!

  • Realtors/Bankers/Appraisers/Inspectors/Buyers/Sellers/Attorneys
  • Roles and responsibilities of the attorney
  • Why your lender requires title insurance
  • Paralegal/Title Abstractor
  • Deeds and Liens
  • Who wants a 100 page closing package?

Other Potential Topics of interest and entertainment

Law and Literature
Law and Social Engineering
The Federal Constitution
The North Carolina Constitution
Judeo Christian Influence on The American Legal System
OLF - Why it was defeated in NC
Separation of Church and State
Darwinism and the Law/The Scopes Trial
Other topics may be available upon request