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Obtaining a Spousal Support Modification

Since it can have a long-term impact on both parties, spousal support is often one of the most contested issues in a North Carolina divorce. Also referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance, spousal support is money paid by the supporting spouse to… Read More
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Child Custody and Supervised Visitation

Child custody can be a contentious issue. Critically, when one parent believes the child’s welfare would be in jeopardy by spending time alone with the other parent, custody matters can be even more complex. In such cases, supervised visitation may… Read More
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Equitable Distribution During Divorce In North Carolina

There are many issues that must be determined before a couple can divorce. One of the most important matters that must be addressed before a marriage can legally be ended is the division of property. Importantly, North Carolina follows the rule of … Read More
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What is a Special Needs Trust?

If you would like to provide financially for a loved one who has special needs or a disability, careful planning is crucial. Failure to do so could potentially jeopardize their eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid benefits.… Read More
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Adult Guardianships in North Carolina

When someone is no longer able to care for themselves or handle their finances, a guardianship might be necessary. Although there can be numerous reasons an adult guardianship may be needed, they are generally granted in cases where a person is unabl… Read More
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Adoption for Same-Sex Couples

With the legalization of same-sex marriage in North Carolina, adoption rights for LGBTQ+ couples have expanded considerably. Prior to the 2014 court ruling declaring the gay marriage ban unconstitutional, only LGBTQ+ individuals could adopt since sam… Read More
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Inheriting a House With a…

Inheriting a House With a Mortgage: What Are Your Options?

Inheriting a home can come with a significant amount of legal and financial responsibility. It can also be an emotional process that involves negotiating with siblings or other heirs. Significantly, in many cases, a beneficiary doesn’t take the hom… Read More
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10 Ways to Manage the Cost of Divorce

Divorce can be incredibly expensive. From dividing your assets to paying lawyer fees and litigation costs, ending a marriage can take a significant financial toll on both spouses. However, there are many things you can do to help cut back on the expe… Read More
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Types of Child Custody Orders and When You Need Them

Whether you’re going through a divorce or are splitting up with your partner and share children, custody can be an emotional and complex issue. Importantly, custody isn’t just about where the children will live — it also concerns who wi… Read More
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Can You Stop Foreclosure in North Carolina?

Foreclosure is one of the most stressful — and potentially devastating — situations a North Carolina homeowner can face. Not only do you stand to lose your home if your house is foreclosed upon, but your credit score and ability to secure another… Read More
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