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types of child custody

Types of Child Custody Orders and When You Need Them

Whether you’re going through a divorce or are splitting up with your partner and share children, custody can be an emotional and complex issue. Importantly, custody isn’t just about where the children will live — it also concerns who wi… Read More
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stop foreclosure

Can You Stop Foreclosure in North Carolina?

Foreclosure is one of the most stressful — and potentially devastating — situations a North Carolina homeowner can face. Not only do you stand to lose your home if your house is foreclosed upon, but your credit score and ability to secure another… Read More
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establish paternity

How to Establish Paternity in North Carolina

When a child is born to married parents in North Carolina, the law presumes the mother’s husband to be both the biological and legal father of the child. However, if the child was born out of wedlock, paternity must be legally established for the f… Read More
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estate planning documents

Important Estate Planning Documents

When people think about planning for the future, drafting a will might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it’s crucial to understand that a comprehensive estate plan can encompass much more than a last will and testament. To ensure you… Read More
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How is Alimony Determined?

One of the most contentious issues couples might face when divorcing is alimony. Also known as spousal maintenance or spousal support, alimony is paid by the higher-earning spouse to the financially dependent spouse. Although it may seem like a strai… Read More
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Two broken house keys

Divorce from Bed and Board in North Carolina

Divorce can be a difficult decision that affects every aspect of your life. Not only can it have an emotional impact, but a financial one as well. If you’re considering ending your marriage, it’s important to fully understand your legal rights … Read More
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Stacked credit cards

What are White Collar Crimes?

Closely related to theft and larceny, white collar crimes are financially motivated criminal offenses, often involving deceit, concealment, and violation of trust to secure an economic advantage. Although most are non-violent in nature, white collar… Read More
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Estate plan file folder

Do You Need an Estate Plan?

It can be easy to put estate planning on the back burner. However, it’s not something that should be overlooked. Regardless of an individual’s age, income, or the size of an estate, everyone should have the proper documents in place to guarantee… Read More
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dad pushing child in wheelchair

Social Security Disability for Children in 2020

A child under age 18 who has a disability may be able to receive Supplemental Security Income benefits under specific eligibility requirements. The social security disability for children rules are different from SSI eligibility requirements for adul… Read More
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mother and her daughter playing in cardboard box at their new home.

Can You Move Out of State Without a Child Custody Agreement or Modification?

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, our family law attorneys at The Twiford Law Firm are at the forefront of helping parents face a host of new challenges. A frequent question from our clients is whether a parent can move… Read More
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