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Child Visitation During t…

Child Visitation During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) — 3 Guidelines to Follow

Parents in North Carolina are struggling with many worries during the coronavirus pandemic. For divorced and separated parents, a common issue is how to handle visitation of a child. Clear guidance comes from the state’s laws and courts. The single… Read More
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When Can You Sue Your Emp…

When Can You Sue Your Employer or a Third Party for Work Injuries?

If you receive on-the-job injuries, you may wonder if you can sue your employer. Under North Carolina law, if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance that covers your injuries, the general rule is that you cannot sue your employer. There… Read More
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Relocation of Children Af…

Relocation of Children After a North Carolina Divorce

After parents divorce and resolve custody matters, what happens if a parent wishes to relocate a child? If North Carolina is the home state of the child, state courts have jurisdiction over issues relating to the child’s location. A court will alwa… Read More
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Can an Off-Duty Police Of…

Can an Off-Duty Police Officer Arrest You in North Carolina?

When an off-duty police officer makes an arrest, one of the first questions to ask is whether the off-duty officer had the authority to make the arrest. While issues about the officer’s status and authority depend significantly on the actual situat… Read More
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Annulment of a Marriage i…

Annulment of a Marriage in North Carolina

Laws in the State of North Carolina provide two legal processes for requesting a court to declare the end of a marriage: divorce and annulment. While most people understand divorce proceedings, there are many misconceptions about annulment of a marri… Read More
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How Does a Judge Determin…

How Does a Judge Determine Child Custody in North Carolina?

When parents separate, child custody and visitation pose difficult and emotional questions. While parents often can reach an agreement on these critical issues, a court makes the necessary decisions when the parents cannot. In our family and domestic… Read More
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A food service worker tripping on a curled up floor mat.

Can You Get Compensation for Slip-and-Fall Injuries at a North Carolina Business?

If you receive slip-and-fall injuries at a North Carolina business, you may be able to recover compensation from the business (or its insurance company). Whether you are eligible for a financial recovery depends on application of the state’s premis… Read More
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Boy is riding a bike with his grandfather through a public park.

What Are Grandparent Visitation Rights in North Carolina?

When a grandparent and grandchild share a special bond, changes in the child’s family situation (like separation, divorce, and death) can adversely affect the grandparent’s time with the child. In some situations, North Carolina law allows a gran… Read More
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A gun and a hammer judge

Use of the Justification Defense in a North Carolina Charge of Firearm Possession By a Felon

North Carolina law prohibits firearm possession by a person convicted of a felony. While federal courts and many other state courts recognize justification as a defense to this type of gun possession charge, North Carolina courts previously did not r… Read More
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Categories: Criminal Defense
Close up of Social Security Disability Claim Form

Social Security Disability Over Age 50

Workers of any age may apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, which provides benefits to people under age 65 who cannot work because of certain qualifying disabilities. Many workers are not aware that SSDI regulations include special rules t… Read More
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