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dad pushing child in wheelchair

Social Security Disability for Children in 2020

A child under age 18 who has a disability may be able to receive Supplemental Security Income benefits under specific eligibility requirements. The social security disability for children rules are different from SSI eligibility requirements for adul… Read More
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mother and her daughter playing in cardboard box at their new home.

Can You Move Out of State Without a Child Custody Agreement or Modification?

With the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in the spring of 2020, our family law attorneys at The Twiford Law Firm are at the forefront of helping parents face a host of new challenges. A frequent question from our clients is whether a parent can move… Read More
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restraining order request

North Carolina Restraining Order: How Will It Impact Your Divorce?

A North Carolina restraining order between spouses is called a domestic violence protective order. When a spouse obtains a protective order against the other spouse, the order can potentially affect every aspect of a subsequent divorce. The effect in… Read More
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driving while distracted by mobile device

Can You Use a Cell Phone While Driving? (North Carolina Distracted Driving Laws)

If you live in North Carolina, or reside elsewhere and visit the Outer Banks or another part of the state, you need to be completely familiar with our state laws that limit cell phone use while driving. The laws prohibit specific uses of a handheld d… Read More
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judge gavel and title property law book

What Is a Quiet Title Action For Real Estate?

In North Carolina, complex laws govern ownership and transfer of real estate. Occasionally, legal issues regarding the title to specific property arise because more than one person claims to have an interest in the property. When that occurs, an owne… Read More
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Notice Requirement for Ag…

Notice Requirement for Aggravating Factors in a DWI Case

If you face a Driving While Impaired (DWI) charge in district court, the charging document does not disclose the level of sentencing that may be imposed on conviction. Aggravating factors can significantly increase the maximum sentence on a defendant… Read More
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What’s the Difference B…

What’s the Difference Between Federal and State Drug Charges?

Drug arrests in North Carolina can be based on either state or federal law. In some circumstances, an initial state charge may even change to a federal charge during the investigation. It’s important to understand the difference between federal and… Read More
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Child Visitation During t…

Child Visitation During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) — 3 Guidelines to Follow

Parents in North Carolina are struggling with many worries during the coronavirus pandemic. For divorced and separated parents, a common issue is how to handle visitation of a child. Clear guidance comes from the state’s laws and courts. The single… Read More
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When Can You Sue Your Emp…

When Can You Sue Your Employer or a Third Party for Work Injuries?

If you receive on-the-job injuries, you may wonder if you can sue your employer. Under North Carolina law, if your employer has workers’ compensation insurance that covers your injuries, the general rule is that you cannot sue your employer. There… Read More
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Relocation of Children Af…

Relocation of Children After a North Carolina Divorce

After parents divorce and resolve custody matters, what happens if a parent wishes to relocate a child? If North Carolina is the home state of the child, state courts have jurisdiction over issues relating to the child’s location. A court will alwa… Read More
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