Social Security Disability – When do you need an attorney?

A very large percentage of social security disability applicants are denied on their initial application and again on a request for reconsideration. After a denial of reconsideration, you may appeal to an Administrative Law Judge. As with most things in life, persistence pays off. Many individuals who push their case to an administrative hearing, receives full social security benefits with an initial payment of back benefits from the date of disability, which can be years.

An attorney is extremely useful to you in properly presenting your case to an Administrative Law Judge. At the Twiford Law Firm, P.C., we work on a contingent fee basis, we do not get paid unless you prevail. Please feel free to contact Attorney John Morrison at any stage in your social security application process. Promptly contacting an attorney after your reconsideration denial is extremely important. There are time deadlines that can bar you from your appeal rights.

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