Blue Lights in the Rearview Mirror

It is inevitable if you drive that you will at some point have an interaction with the police. This experience is stressful enough; do not make it worse. When stopped, make sure to do the following:

1-Pull over as soon as possible and in a safe manner.

2-Be polite and cooperative. In court the police will often remind a judge or District Attorney that you were “polite and cooperative”.

3-Be quiet; anything you say literally can and will be used against you. So do not say anything. Let your attorney speak for you. The officer is taking notes; it will all come out in the future.

4-Keep your hands on the steering wheel, and unless instructed to do so do not get out of the car.

5-Keep your passengers quiet. The peanut gallery is almost never helpful.

6-Never try to bribe an officer.

7-Smile.... you are likely being filmed. Many police cars and almost all Highway Patrol vehicles have cameras and/or microphones recording the event.

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