What is a "simple divorce"?

A simple divorce is a situation where the parties have no pending issues other than the desire to end their marriage. For example, there are no kids, there are no pending property issues, and there are no alimony or post separation support issues.

As you can imagine it is rare that a person walks in the door and says ,” I have been separated for a year, I have lived in North Carolina for the last six months and am a legal resident and I have no other issues with my soon to be ex. “ If this is the case, and or in the alternative all issues regarding custody, alimony and equitable distribution are resolved then yes you have a simple divorce.

When you meet with your attorney, they will ask you about all of these issues. I would be concerned if you just walked in and asked for a simple divorce and the attorney just says “Ok” and files for divorce. At the very least there needs to be an inquiry into the status of all the above mentioned issues. Be careful. If it sounds too easy, it probable is just that.

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