Two Year Waiting Period for Divorce???????

Attorney Courtney Hull - "I wanted to share the following with visitors to The Twiford Law Firm, P.C. website. This proposed legislation, if approved, would crerate a major change in the divorce process in North Carolina."

North Carolina 'Healthy Marriage Act' Would Set Two-Year Waiting Period For Divorce, Require Counseling

Two North Carolina Republican lawmakers are hoping to make it more difficult for married couples in the state to get divorced.

State Sens. Austin Allran (R) and Sen. Warren Daniel (R) introduced the "Healthy Marriage Act" last week, a bill that would require couples seeking to end their marriages to first undergo a two-year waiting period -- during which the couple could live together. The current waiting period is one year, during which the couple must have "lived separate and apart."

Both parties in the divorce would also be required to complete a set of counseling courses on improving "communication skills" and "conflict resolution." If the couple has children, they'd also be required to complete a course of at least four hours on the impact of divorce on children. None of the courses would be required to be taken together.

Cite: Nick Wing, The Huffington Post, 4/05/13

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