Edward O’Neal Approved as Certified Superior Court Mediator/Certified Family Financial Mediator

EAOEdward A. O’Neal of The Twiford Law Firm, P.C., has been approved to conduct mediated settlement conferences in Superior Court civil actions and to conduct mediated settlement conferences in Equitable Distribution and other family financial cases in the District Court.  Mr. O’Neal is a Certified Superior Court Mediator and a Certified Family Financial Mediator.  He has been practicing law in Northeastern North Carolina since 1986.  His practice has focused on family and domestic law and he  has extensive experience in mediated settlement conferences.  

Mediation has been available in North Carolina as an alternative dispute resolution since 1997.  Mediation is an informal proceeding in which the parties and a mediator, who is a trained neutral, meet to discuss the issues in dispute and consider options for resolving them.  A successful mediation allows the parties to avoid the time and stress involved in lengthy litigation and assures that the parties will reach an outcome in their case that is mutually acceptable.  Mediation often allows the parties to change their relationship from that of adversaries to parties who become united in reaching a resolution to their problems. This is especially critical in child custody cases when parties concentrate on the best interests of the children as opposed to maintaining an adversarial posture.

Mr. O’Neal is available to conduct both court-ordered mediations and mediations that are conducted with the consent of the parties.  Mr. O’Neal will be happy to discuss the process with individuals or attorneys and may be reached at The Twiford Law Firm offices in Elizabeth City and Moyock,  North Carolina.   

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