North Carolina Family Law: Medical Power of Attorney Over Minors

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By Whitney Young

Planning a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day? Leaving the kids behind?

If so, you may want to consider a Medical Power of Attorney . In the unlikely event your children were involved in an emergency situation, a Medical Power of Attorney allows your children’s caretaker to authorize emergency treatment in your absence. This can be accomplished through a standardized form, which you can find here. Simply fill in the blanks and sign before a notary. Of course, this can be a useful tool anytime you travel away from your children. Feel free to save it and make it regular practice whenever you leave your children with a non-parent.

In the unlikely event that you were involved in an emergency situation while away from your children, you may also want to leave behind a list of important computer passwords and access to your own emergency documents, such as a Living Will or Last Will and Testament.

Now that you’ve planned for everything, even unexpected emergencies, relax and enjoy your holiday with peace of mind!

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