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At The Twiford Law Firm, P.C., our clients are our first priority. If you are facing serious felony charges at either the state or federal level, you need to secure experienced and effective North Carolina criminal lawyer as soon as possible. With potential heavy fines and lengthy prison sentences as distinct possibilities, you cannot afford to do anything but secure the counsel of an attorney who has the recognized skill and experience necessary to fully fight your charges.

The North Carolina criminal lawyers at The Twiford Law Firm are your first call if you need a defense attorney in the Elizabeth City, Moyock, Northeastern North Carolina, and the Outer Banks areas. We have on staff a former longtime district attorney and former assistant district attorney, and we are deeply involved in all areas of criminal defense. If you find yourself facing mild to serious civilian criminal charges, you need a competent attorney on your side to help prove your case to a judge and/or jury. The criminal defense attorneys at The Twiford Law Firm are experienced in defending North Carolina citizens against a variety of charges. We invite you to contact us today with regards to our defense services in the following areas:

  • Assault and sexual assault charges
  • Computer-related and hacking charges
  • Personal and property theft
  • Speeding, hit and run, and other related traffic infractions
  • Drug possession and DUI/DWI
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Manslaughter and other serious felonies

North Carolina Criminal Defense Law Firm in Moyock

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Federal Criminal Defense

Federal Criminal Defense

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